ProTeam Supreme      

Eliminates carbon dioxide
Eliminates algae food sources
Reduces skin & eye irritationReduces operating costs up to 50%
Other products in this category:
Supreme PLUS: Enhances pool water while reducing eye and skin irritation
kly Treat: Maintains Supreme level
Microfloc Clarifier: Coagulates particles as small as 2 microns
UV Shield: Stabilizer that reduces chlorine consumption
Power Enzyme: Consumes oils and other organics  for cleaner


1" & 3" High Tech Tabs      

Slow-dissolving Tri-Chlor contains Supreme so chlorine

demand is less, PH more stable and water is gentler

1" & 3" Pure Tabs & Pure Stix    

Slow-dissolving Tri-Chlor pressed without

gums and binders. 3" tabs are individually


Brominating Tabs    

Contains just enough chlorine for activation so

the enjoyment of Brominated soft, gentle
pool water is far greater.

Other products in this category:
: Dichlor concentrated chlorinating granules

Power Magic Super Oxidizer    

Calcibor chemistry not only provides a potent

shocking, but also has a close to neutral pH,

lower TDS & contains no cyanuric acid. Every

shock dosage adds Supreme to water for clarity

and gentleness.

Other products in this category:
Rapid Shock: Quick dissolving and completely soluble
Shock & Swim: Non-chlorine and non-bleaching
Multi Magic
: Di-chlor with clarifying enhancers
Lithium Shock
: Fast dissolving and residue free

Mustard & Black Magic    

Eliminates carbon dioxide, eliminates algae food sources, reduces skin & eye irritation, reduces operating costs up to 50%
Other  products in this category:
: Broad spectrum dimethyl blend
Polyquat 60: Highly concentrated, non-metallic, great

for black and mustard algae
Severe Algae Treatment: 11.8% copper, chelated to prevent staining
Liquid Magic: Sodium bromide water solution is

economical & easy to use

Trouble Shooters    
System Support    

The ultimate treatment for pools with severe           fouling problems including white water mold &

pink fungi slime. Can be used with all forms of sanitizers

Dry Clarifier    

Sand filter concentrate. Will trap live & dead matter down to 2 microns

Other  products in this category:
Metal Magic: Removes metals from water & surface stains
Superfloc Clarifier: Drops live & dead organic particles
Filter Magic: Concentrated cleaner for DE cartridge & sand filters
Tile & Vinyl Cleaner: Non-abrasive, cleans oily film, scale and soil

from the tile and vinyl
Sparkle Cubes: Slow release clarifier eliminates sub-micron particles
Zapit: Controls nutgrass protecting vinyl liner
PhosAway: Highly concentrated formulation removes phosphates

Balancing Products    

pH Down

pH Up
Calcium Up
Alkalinity Up

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